Shamanic Medicine Wheel Training 2023-2025

This Shamanic Medicine Wheel training is a very special program that leads to energetic mastery of living and to become a master practitioner in energy medicine. It consists out of carefully designed shamanic healing processes, rituals, energy work, ceremony and initiations, both traditional and contemporary.
The training is served as a Medicine Wheel in four blocks of 6 days, each with the names of the four directions, South, West, North and East. Every block will be split into two consecutive long weekends.  Each direction is 100 hours of shamanic training and has a specific theme and all practices are supporting that one theme. All has been put together in a specific order to open you up and make you grow into a being of harmony, love, wisdom and power, a shamanic practitioner and if you practice consistently, an awakened master. In between the blocks there will be 4-6 months of integrating and practicing time.
During the integration time it is possible to have supervision (group or individual) zoom sessions to guide you through your processes. (This is optional and not included) Every block of 6 days is fully packed with shamanic initiations, rituals, ceremonies, trance journeys, very intense energetic healing processes, meditation, energy exercises, wisdom teachings, mystical experiences and a huge sharing of love. 
Days start at 7.30 and will approximately end at 22.00 o’clock.
Important! Every direction is built upon the healing, knowledge and skills of the previous one, therefore it needs to be followed in the right sequence. You are committing yourself to all four blocks.

South: The Hero's Way

Initiating into the Inca Shamanic Lineage. Healing the wounded self and story of victimhood. Shedding the myth of being born in original sin. Dates : 29, 30 September, 1 October & 6, 7, 8 October 2023

West: The Luminous Warrior

Transcending the genetic and karmic past. Releasing our ancestral stories and past life wounds. Facing our shadows, fears and insecurities. Dates: 1, 2, 3 & 8, 9, 10 March 2024

North: The Seer's Way

Rising to the mythical level of awareness. Learning, to navigate the shamanic realm. Travelling, to past and future to alter the present.
Dates : 27, 28, 29 September & 4, 5, 6 October 2024

East: The Sage's Way

Clearing the identification with mind, ego and self. Knowing, that you are a creator of reality. Connecting with your destiny and soul’s agenda. Dates : 28 Februari, 1, 2 March & 7, 8, 9 March 2025
Location: 3Anthonius/Hoeve Cecilia, De Langeweg 20A, 4771 RB, Langeweg, Holland
Prices: The fee for each direction of the training is 888,75 euro excl. vat / 1125 incl. vat. You commit yourself to all four directions of the training. If you feel the calling to be in this training, want more information or get to know me before you register, please contact me: | +31628663011 (call or What’sApp) | Go to Facebook Event


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