Shamanic Nature Expedition 2024

This expedition is focused on coming into ‘good relationship’ with ‘outer’ nature. It is healing the Separation from Nature Program, coming back to nature, being part of it again and learns to live in energetic and physical harmony with your environment. It’s also about having nature as your teacher, communicating with it and reading its signs.

What is a Shamanic Nature Expedition about and what is the purpose of it?

The Philosophy:
We Westerners have forgotten the ways of energy. We have become de-sensitized, not being able to sense, feel and see the world of energy. We have developed unilateral. We overrated thinking and condemned the primitive instincts and intuition. Slowly mechanical and material thinking and perceiving became the fixed collective reality. We projected this on nature and put ourselves above it, resulting in disconnection and abuse of it. And even the ones that start to realize this can admire the beauty of nature but are still unable to deeply commune with it and see it for what it really is.
And unless we bring about a revolution of perceptual change, bringing back the old ways, the ways that the indigenous cultures preserved for us, we will destroy nature, destroy our own home and we will work towards mass extinction, again. In order to awaken people of this process of self-destruction, we need to feed them a new mythology. A mythology where they still belong to the garden of Eden. A mythology where the garden was created for them.

A mythology where the garden was given to them to take care of it

A mythology in which the garden was given to them to finish it, render them creators, owning the divine power of creation.
All indigenous tribes live (d) this mythology and showed us how to live in harmony with nature, living in ayni with nature, where the balance between giving and taking was the first principle of
successful living with the environment. For them it is still the most logic behavior because they still live in the knowing that we are nature and all is one. They also demonstrated the integration of living with both the material physical and metaphysical reality. Using the energetic systems of the spiritual realms and of the earth to vitalize and balance the land, the communities and the whole empire. Using higher powers and the available assistance of spiritual guidance to manifest a world and a way of living that
expresses the divine nature, bringing ”heaven” on earth.

The lineage communicates with me for years about helping humanity to remember and preserve these old ways of living for future generations. They speak about a counter balance for the technological development of the human race. Making us aware of the collective power of creation, using energy management to cleanse, heal, empower, and vitalize the collective field of human consciousness. And furthermore, to remind and re-awaken the shaman like skills in larger groups of people, to be able to collectively “push the kawsay” as they say, which means to manifest a desired collective future.
We need a revolution of perceptual change, we lack vision from the soul, we need a spiritual revolution, to elevate people, to re-educate, to re-member the soul, to learn to listen again to it, to become their own wisdom. Through this training I will help you awaken and develop seven shamanic powers you need, to become a person of power, so you are able to do this work effectively. Awakening, the power to see, the power of energy, the power to heal, the power to manifest, the power of destiny, the power of awakening and the power of love. The medicine wheel training that I teach, is focused on coming into ‘ayni’, into ‘good relationship’ with your inner nature. While this expedition is focused on coming into ‘good relationship’ with ‘outer’ nature. It is healing the Separation from Nature Program, coming back to nature, being part of it again and learns to live in energetic and physical harmony with your environment. It’s also about having nature as your teacher, communicating with it and reading its signs. This week will be an accelerator of your shamanic skills , combined with being soaked in the elements, enjoying the beautiful nature of Sweden. The way in which we are going to do that is unique in the world, It is totally channeled from the Inca Lineage. It is not new though, it is a very ancient practice and you can now receive these teachings so you can preserve them for future generations. I am very excited about teaching it and bringing it back to life again.

The why from a participant:

Apart from whether you believe in this earth, cosmos energy, or other non-matter related words or concepts, you could wonder why do this? Very simple, Just like the body is charged with traumatic info, the land is too. Where your body starts showing symptoms or dysfunctioning after (repeated) traumatic injury or intoxication, also the land and water shows these signs. And this info can be read, sensed and healed. That’s what we did, healing and restoring.


What? Below are the topics that will be addressed.

  • Initiations of nature spirits, the nustas, and learning to work with them.
  • Plant medicine ceremony (cacao, mushrooms) to open your system to the shamanic realms of nature.
  • Nature vision quest using all the tools you’ve learned.
  • Nature as your teacher; communication with nature.
  • Working and communicating energetically with the 4 th dimensional aspects or spirits of stones, trees, plants, etc. Having nature as your teacher.
  • Learning about our relationship to our earth and its energy system, earth chakras, the grids, ley lines and vortexes.
  • Energy reading of areas; the collective imprinted history and trauma.
  • Balancing, healing and vitalizing the area energetically where you live.
  • Working with the energy of the elements.
  • Learning how to create power spots or huacas and sustain, feed and use them.
  • Empowering yourself and your medicine for the world with infusion of nature power places.
  • Out of body work empowered by power spots in nature and group energy work.
  • Learning to manifest with indigenous rituals like despacho ceremony and energy work.
  • Initiations of star energies, connecting to and infusing their energy and learning how to work with them.
  • Learning to implement all you have experienced in your backyard, house and family.
'I felt such an incredible love for and from Pachamama, mother earth'.


Open for all people that feel a call to take responsibility for the healing, awakening and evolution of the earth-human dynamic of life. The light workers, shamans, witches, energy workers, adventure and wilderness coaches, naturopaths, energy healers, environment protectors, ecologists, all the volunteering souls that came to earth to play a role in the big transformation. This training comes with a preparation workshop that informs you about the shamanic tradition, the history of this forgotten energy practice, the vision and assignment Roel received, the shamanic Quechua terminology and teaches you shamanic energy skills you can practice at home as a preparation for the work in Sweden. It’s 11 and 12 th of April ’24. People who finished the West of the Inca Shamanic Medicine Wheel and beyond do not need to
participate in this workshop.

When and where?

Dates: 10-16 June 2024
Location: West coast of Sweden, Udevalla area, Bohuslän
Facilitators: Roel Fredrix, teachings. Jorn Vetter, host and logistics
Price: 1500 euro incl. VAT
This is an all-in price for the training, lodging and food.

'During this Shamanic Nature Expedition we learned to use other senses. To feel the land, the water, the air, the sun, the trees'.

What will you learn and master through this Earthkeeper Training?

  1. The fundamental principles and the shamans view of the interaction between human consciousness and the subtle energy systems of humans and planet earth.
  2. The fundamental rituals, energy exercises, use of shamanic tools that opens the door for you to the world of the subtle energy realms. Communing and communicating with nature, experiencing nature as your teacher.
  3. How to create a luminous network of powerlines and power spots on the earth with the use of celestial energies from specific constellations, weaving a web of power.
  4. About decoding the historical information that is stored within energy fields and earth’s grid systems that lead to repetition of human drama of everyone living within that field.
  5. About energetic removal of collective trauma imprints that keep humanity repeating the same dramas over and over again and keep us from evolving to higher levels of consciousness.
  6. About replacing the old collective human programs, like warfare, female gender suppression, racism, abuse of power, exploiting the poor, destruction of nature etc., with restoring forgotten wisdom from ancient civilizations and by infusing the system with the blueprints of the 7 evolutionary steps of human destiny.
  7. About stepping into collective Earthkeepership. It teaches about the vision and assignment of the author about creating a global network of Earthkeepers and organizing them in a big luminous power matrix, bringing back the power to the people.

The day to day program:

The Shamanic Nature Expedition takes place at the Living With The Land venue, in the Swedish coastal forests of Bohuslän. The program will roughly look like this (provided that changes may
apply depending on weather conditions).


  • 9/6 – Arrival Day (from 4:00PM)

  • 10/6 – Opening Ceremony & Preparation of Senses and Energy Skills

  • 11/6 – Course Day 1 – Building the Energetic Infrastructure on the island

  • 12/6 – Course Day 2 – Reading the islands Imprints of the Past 

  • 13/6 – Course Day 3 – Fasting,Vision Quest & Plant Medicine,
    – Healing Land and Nature from the imprints                                   

  • 14/6 – Course Day 4 – Empowering Land and Nature with Cosmic energies

  • 15/6 – Integration and Implementation, Closing Ceremony Celebration

  • 16/6 – Departure Day (after 11:00AM)


To register for this experience, please first get in touch with me at or Whatsapp to 0031628663011
After that I will contact you directly to book a (free) 30 minute intake call.
Tupananchiscama, until we meet again, and maybe in the beautiful nature of Sweden.
With love, Roel

For more information about the Earthkeepers Movement check out the website:

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