Through this training you will learn to awaken and develop seven shamanic powers you need to becoma a ‘person of power’, able to create, vitalize and hold a node within the Cosmic Power Matrix.


This Shamanic Medicine Wheel training is a very special program that leads to energetic mastery of living and to become a master practitioner in energy medicine.


This expedition is focused on coming into ‘good relationship’ with ‘outer’ nature. It is healing the Separation from Nature Program, coming back to nature, being part of it again and learns to live in energetic and physical harmony with your environment. It’s also about having nature as your teacher, communicating with it and reading its signs.

About ROEL

Roel is a shamanic mystic, practitioner and teacher, a spiritual mentor and life coach. He has been running a private healing and mentoring practice for 33 years and is teaching for 15 years on shamanic subjects, e.g. medicine wheel training, awakening, energy healing, manifesting, shadow work, out-of-body work, soul and destiny retrieval and death counseling. At present, he is in the process of releasing his first book that focuses on employing Shamanic Tools and Techniques to incite A Global Transformation of Human Consciousness, Culture & Society.

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